Coaching & Training

Cope Sales and Marketing can provide coaching and training across all aspects of the sales and marketing disciplines.

In order to understand the difference, it’s important to note that training is mostly directive – a trainer transfers knowledge and helps develop new skills. The effectiveness of the training will be dependent on two things – the competence of the trainer and the aptitude of the trainee.

Coaching on the other hand is driven by questions addressed to the person being coached who then explores the options to deliver the best outcome; the coach provides the guidance to help the coachee deliver results. Unlike training which can take place in groups, coaching can only be done on a one to one basis. Coaching can also be an excellent way of helping people apply what they have learned on a training course.

We can help you achieve your potential by identifying barriers to growth and providing tailored support that meets your needs including coaching, training as well as non-executive and interim director roles.

Cope Sales and Marketing run specific training courses as follows -:

  • Selling Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Time Management

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