Accredited DiSC Training

DISC Certified TrainerWe also provide accredited DiSC training in conjunction with coordinated on-line behaviour profiling. We train people how to change their behaviour in order to drive better results so the organisation really benefits.

DiSC is a powerful and highly effective tool for dramatically improving individual performance and when used proficiently can produce spectacular results. It is a tool to help people DiSCover who they really are. DiSC is best executed with the facilitation of on-line profiling which is incorporated within the offering.

Basically your core values influence the way you think, act, communicate with other people and make decisions. Therefore the DiSC tool will help you understand how to use your core strengths to help you succeed. It will also show you how to adapt your communication style so you can work better with others.

the DiSC philosophy

The DiSC philosophy is based on creating an optimised environment where people can thrive and perform to the best of their ability. For more information, please download this PDF which explains more about the fantastic tool of DiSC. Alternatively have a chat with us – we’d be delighted to help unlock your organisation’s potential.

on-line intuitive DiSC profiling will enlighten you!

We would also love to talk to you about DiSc profiling. If you use this in conjunction with accredited DiSC training, you will be enlightened! Specifically how it can help make huge positive differences to your staff, ultimately delivering return on investment to your business. On-line profiles are available for two different levels – ‘workplace’ and ‘management’. Equally comparison reports can be purchased which summarise the behavioural styles across your organisation as a whole. This adds powerful insights into how you can manage the behavioural styles to maximise results and ROI. These comparison reports are great tools for HR managers/directors and MDs to review the people within their organisations.


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