what is pr?

Good PR (public relations) is all about persuasion. It’s about persuading an audience to support your position in the market, recognise your accomplishments, promote your messages so they ultimately purchase your products.

Communication is key in the world of PR. It’s about telling stories and creating narratives that positively engage with your target audience. Every organisation, no matter how large or small, ultimately relies on its reputation for survival and success. Everyone who comes into contact with your company will form an opinion which will influence the decisions they ultimately make. Good PR can be pivotal in the decision to buy or not to buy. Check out our blog here

why is pr important?

A good reputation, in an ever more competitive marketplace, can make the difference which sets you apart from your competition. Often people will pay more for that reassurance and quality – John Lewis is a good example. It is staggering the number of businesses who don’t pay attention to their reputation until something goes wrong. The cost to a business in reputational damage can be huge e.g. United Airlines. Check out our blog to read about top 3 PR fails

Building your public profile is a long game and takes time and effort with the ultimate aim of generating goodwill. The aim has to be to develop an excellent reputation so that others want to do business with you.

Good PR is an art form. Sometimes disasters will happen. And if they do, managing a brand’s reputation carefully and responsibly in the wake of the incident, can make all the difference to the company’s future. If you would like to discuss your company’s PR needs, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Cope Sales and Marketing.

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