Your body language shapes who you are

One way or another we are all fascinated with body language. We can think of awkward interactions or a weak hand shake and always remember these. It affects how we judge people and ultimately impacts our decision-making process.

Our non-verbals are another form of communication – another language which enables people to judge us and equally how we judge them.

The non-verbals of animals and people are very similar when it comes to power and dominance. When people feel powerful they are more assertive, optimistic and confident as well as prepared to take more risks. Powerful people tend to spread out and open out their bodies. Conversely people who are not feeling powerful tend to close in on themselves and their body language mirrors this.

In essence our non-verbals govern how we think and feel about selves. Therefore if we could train our bodies to adopt a more overt stance and appear more confident then we could influence how others judge us.

If we appear comfortable in our own skin at an interview, be enthusiastic and passionate, be confident in our ability and clear in what we can bring to the new role we will create a presence that will appeal to an interviewer. So how do you do this when you’re nervous and really want this job?

Many years ago some-one advised me to go to the bathroom, look in the mirror, smile and punch a fist and say “Yes, I’m going to get this job” and then “really believe it!” It works and I can really recommend Amy Cuddy’s talk on TED where she says, “Fake it until you become it.” (see below) If you imagine some-one winning a race or a competition etc – they raise their arms in the air in a winning pose.

So whatever situation you find yourself in – whether it’s for a job interview or not, go somewhere private, take 2 minutes and take on a winning pose. Configure your brain to cope at your very best in that situation. Really believe you can do it – ‘Believe and Achieve’. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to you because our body language can really change our mind-set.



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