Active Thinking

Active Thinking

Cope Sales and Marketing was approached by the MD of Active Thinking to help him communicate the strategic direction of his business. Part of the skill in undertaking a coaching programme is to extract the salient business information from clients and help them articulate it with clarity. It is very easy to assume that everyone will understand what we mean – especially when we work in the business day in and day out. Often, people who succeed are those who take time out to clearly articulate what their business is really offering.

By working with Charles Brindley, MD of Active Thinking, on a one-to-one basis, he was able to develop his proposition and structure for his future business and then communicate this through his new website.

Communications Coaching Project for MD

The MD of Active Thinking needed some help to articulate his strategic vision. Having coached him to develop his vision, we then worked on the communication of the services he provides. He had already identified his target market having with them in the past e.g. Heathrow T2, T5 and other terminal developments. We then looked at the key messaging to direct to that target market. At Cope Sales and Marketing we were able to help the MD achieve the clarity he needed so that he could confidently develop his business model.

london heathrow terminal one active thinking
active thinking team at london heathrow t2