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Digital marketing and web development need to work together. In simple terms digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices. This includes computers, tablets, smartphones, cell-phones, digital billboards, games’ consoles and apps to engage consumers. As the digital age is growing rapidly, especially using mobile technology, digital marketing is therefore hugely important. Cope Sales and Marketing understands it’s important to have a cohesive approach to digital marketing. This is to ensure the advancement of your product / service/ organisation across the various digital channels. Search engine optimisation, in conjunction with keyword research and link building tactics, can add significant value to any business.

Ideally Cope Sales and Marketing would recommend that this would be integrated with your website. Furthermore it is vital that content is targeted and updated through a content management system (CMS). This will facilitate better search engine optimisation (SEO) and ultimately help grow your business.

web development

Your website is your window to the world and therefore its role and importance is significant. In addition, we would advocate that a strategic approach is taken to web development. The best way to do this is by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. Therefore develop a site that is easy to navigate and has good functionality. This is to ensure that potential customers stay on your website longer.

We recommend that you map out what you want your website to achieve. Also understand what role it plays in your sales cycle as this will determine the functionality you need. This also needs to be integrated with social media and the latest technological advances. By doing so, your website will remain current and, equally, effective search engine optimisation will drive traffic to your site.

Cope Sales and Marketing can save companies falling into the many pitfalls associated with building a new or upgrading an existing website. On too many occasions functionality of a website is compromised in favour of design. At Cope Sales and Marketing we don’t believe either should be compromised. Therefore understanding what is meant by functionality is imperative. In addition, you will want to make it easy for your customers to navigate your website so they engage with it.


Content is king! How many times have you heard this? It is so true! We can also help you write benefit led copy which is content rich for your website. This means copy that includes key phrases with optimum density and accurate meta descriptions. Too many people write copy first without thinking about keyword research. It’s really important to do the research first so that the content is rich in key phrases. Therefore the website will be better optimised.

digital marketing and web development need to work in tandem

It is vital that ongoing digital marketing forms part of any company’s web development strategy. It is no longer enough to develop a website and just leave it. Digital marketing tactics should need to be developed so that the website remains current and can be found. Tactics can vary from search engine optimisation to ‘pay per click’ and content strategies.

For many people digital marketing and web development is a black art. At Cope Sales and Marketing we can simplify this for you so that we maximise your digital marketing footprint. Why not read our blogs to glean some valuable information -:

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