At Cope Sales and Marketing we aim to simplify things so people understand the difference between a brand and a logo. We all know that a logo is a visual identity e.g. MacDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s swoosh, Starbucks green mermaid, and Nestle’s bird sitting on a nest but what then is branding – as many people think a logo is a brand when it’s so much more than that!

so what impact can branding have?

A brand is a more holistic view of how your customers experience your company – every single touch point they come into contact with so it therefore encapsulates the entire marketing mix.  Therefore a cohesive brand strategy will give you a competitive edge in your marketplace.

You know when your branding is really good because customers will have a strong positive emotional reaction to it. Every contact and experience with the brand creates a memory – good or bad – and therefore influences the perception of it.

Essentially cohesive branding, marketing and advertising is fundamental to protecting and improving a company’s value. Adopting a truly holistic approach to marketing communications planning is vital. Understanding how best to reach your consumers, using the most effective combination of media channels, is key to success.

why are brand guidelines important?

Good branding deserves a set of guidelines to protect its integrity. It is vital that any brand is consistent in order to be recognised and raise awareness. This then creates familiarity and develops trust which builds confidence and ultimately delivers retention and generates new leads. All strong brands benefit from having brand guidelines to ensure the tenets of their brand remain intact. These don’t have to be complicated but companies ought to have them.

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