At Cope Sales and Marketing we believe that selling is no more complicated than persuading people to buy your products and services. However there is a very definite skill in compiling a sales strategy and indeed training people to sell effectively. Overlay this with understanding your target market and the whole process is more complicated but it can be de-mystified!

Equally understanding the commercial negotiations required to deliver an effective sales campaign should include a category management approach to any project along with the skill set of building strong commercial relationships as people do business with people they like – it’s not rocket science but there’s a definite science to being effective in sales.

At Cope Sales and Marketing we have a wealth of sales training skills gained from a background in an international blue-chip organisation. We firmly believe that everyone can be trained to be a salesperson. So if you want to learn to sell ‘by the book’ then please don’t hesitate to contact Cope Sales and Marketing as we can help you with :

  • Sales Training
  • Lead Generation
  • Negotiation
  • Commercial Analysis
  • Developing a Cohesive Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Return on Investment

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