What Is SEO and Why Is It So Critical?

Search engine optimisation – SEO for short – is critical for any business with an online presence. Today, that means every business.

In my last blog, I made the case that in 2017 and beyond, your website is the most important and valuable marketing tool at your disposal. That is true. And, since it is, ensuring that your hardest working marketing tool is discoverable on the web renders SEO just as crucial.

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Why Your Website Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool

When all things are considered – your social media marketing, your content marketing, your email marketing, your traditional outbound advertising, your printed brochures and other marketing materials – your website still stands head and shoulders above the rest as the most important marketing tool you have at your disposal.


Because all else points to your website. That’s why.

No matter where and how a prospect discovers that your business exists – a tweet, a blog post, an ad in the back of a newspaper, a recommendation from a colleague – he/she will always validate your existence by looking up your website.

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5 Tactics for Inbound Marketing Success

Today, traditional outbound marketing has fallen by the wayside – and for good reason. Who really likes a quiet evening at home being interrupted by cold calls from pushy sales people? And what about all those TV commercials in the middle of our favourite shows, or marketing emails that we never signed up for invading our inbox?

No. Many consumers have simply had enough of businesses forcing such marketing messages upon them – especially in such invasive and unsolicited terms.

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5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Online Brand Reputation

You’re going out for dinner, and want to try out somewhere different you haven’t been before – how do you decide where to go?

Today, such decisions are usually informed by online searches. In this example, we would take a look at restaurant reviews and choose one with high ratings and a good reputation. It’s a simple enough formula for the restaurant trade – but does the same thing apply to your enterprise?

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